Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Stockholm Tourist Tip: Airport Buses

Over the weekend, I responded to an email from a reader who's coming to Stockholm and in writing it, thought I should publish the paragraph below, as it would really benefit anyone looking for tips on their trip here:

Assuming you're flying into Stockholm (Arlanda, Bromma or Skavsta), I highly suggest taking the Flygbussarna from the airport to the city center. Compared to any other method, it's the only one not ripping you off, and even has free WiFi. You can buy your ticket at the airport from the automated kiosk or, what I'd do, is buy the two roundtrip ones online ahead of time and save the PDF ticket they give you to your smartphone, and then just show it as you step on the bus (the Dropbox app on my iPhone is my route of choice). Best part: the tickets are just "anytime" tickets, rather than scheduled ones, so you don't have to worry about making a specific bus. Just take whichever bus is there when you need it. Though this may sound like more work than a taxi, but it'll cost you about 200kr ($30 USD) for one roundtrip bus tickets whereas a taxi would be about 400kr ($60 USD) each trip.

I feel like these kind of things are so hard to know when you're visiting somewhere new. I don't think I even knew the Flybussarna existed for a month or so after we arrived, so consequently, we took the more expensive train and even taxis when we first arrived. Now, I'd do it no other way.


  1. Ah great to know as I definitely plan on doing the Baden-Baden to Stockholm RyanAir route sometime!

  2. It is always a bit confusing figuring out the best option to get into the city from the airport.

  3. Oh definitely Flygbussarna is your best bet in that case. Skavsta (the RyanAir airport) is 90 or so minutes from the city, so there's no other option really. I can't even guess how much a taxi would be... €100 or more?

  4. It really is, and the locals always know the best way! I've often been lucky enough to have a friend that lives in the city who can pick me up, but in the times I don't, a local SIM card, Google Maps and public transportation are often my best bet.